“We are a luxury, personalized two suite B&B and Spa in Sedona, Arizona. All of our breakfast meals are made to order for each individual guest. We emphasize gourmet quality, flavors and spicing in whatever we serve. When guests leave, as a parting gift we present them with a special gift of our spices that guarantees everything they ever cook will always come out perfect. It is the SPICE FOR LIVING container with our B&B information in the form of an address label affixed to the bottom of the container. Everyone loves the gift and it is a memento that can be put in the kitchen and seen every day as a reminder of his or her stay with us. They Love It and We Do Too.”

- Kathy & Larry Jaeckel

Sedona Cathedral Hideaway B&B and Spa

“I have been buying LOVE canisters from Peggy Abbott for two years. She fills my order immediately and it only takes a couple of days until they arrive at my door. I love sharing these special canisters with friends and people I meet. Giving a LOVE canister and encouraging people to sprinkle a little LOVE in their family and in their life helps me feel like I am doing something to make this world a brighter place!”

- Mimi | Newburgh, Indiana

“I received my order and was DE-LIGHTED to see the extra cans! How sweet. Another cute story for you…

This past week I was with a group of 4 and 5-year-olds, teaching mindfulness. One of their favorite activities is the ‘love sprinkles’. They ask for it each time and each time they question what is really in the can. They tell me that it is empty and I remind them each time that it is filled with love. Sometimes they still look at me incredulously, but this time, one of them said that it is ‘camouflaged’. I laughed with glee.

I gave one of the cans I ordered to a friend who is being treated for cancer yesterday and doused her everywhere with the ‘invisible love’ and even her cat named Mahboud which is Arabic for Beloved, got into the game and was fascinated. I think he could see it.”

- Edie Moser